Mike H.


A pro drummer in every sense, Mike is a musical enigma – for he seems to have no single artist or genre that is his favorite – they are all his favorites! Actually, when pressed,Mike may admit that Neil Peart and Dave Weckl are tied for first among his firsts. A veteran of the Chicago music scene, Mike was in a Beatles tribute band that achieved regional success, playing at Wrigley Field and producing a music video that was in regular rotation on Chicago TV. Mike has a one-of-a-kind studio where he has produced music for several local bands. His keen musical ear helped Perfect Tuesday develop a unique sound that has the music industry buzzing.


Nick G.


A multi-instrumentalist and all around music lover, Nick brings the low-end to the Perfect Tuesday sound. Originally from NJ, he has traveled a long and winding musical road from the studio to on stage and under the lights and lazers here in The Sunshine State.


Jay G.


Always looking for good 'ole fashioned rock n' roll, Jay is now partying it up on the Space Coast. A recent move from California to Florida blends his own style of pinch harmonics and riffs into Perfect Tuesday's rocking setlist. He has many years experience in original and cover bands and enjoys all styles of music. He has a wide range of influences but Zakk Wylde & Slash are in the top 10. You can usually find him jumping around onstage or running through a crowd during shows.

Guitar & Vocals

Chris R.


A founding member of Perfect Tuesday - this Detroit native was weaned on the sounds from his hometown - whether back in the day (Motown to Iggy Pop to Bob Seger) to here and now - (Kid Rock to Eminem to Jack White). Rock, dance, soul, funk - he loves them all equally. Rhythm guitar, keyboards, harmonica - Chris is pleased to do any of the heavy lifting required to keep the dance floor packed and everyone smiling. Leaning on his formative years in a world renowned A Cappella Choir, Chris helps fatten up the trademarked Perfect Tuesday vocals with soaring harmonies.


Mike C.


Mike’s musical roots date back to the 1990’s where he fronted local bands; Aces & Eights, Mr. Hyde, Powerslave, Slick Willie, Meanstreak & Thrillride. Mike went on a ten year sabbatical from Music. It was the recent passing of colleague, mentor & close friend Joey Vutano (Joey “V”) that brought Mike back into the musical fold. Mike’s musical taste’s run the gamut from Metal to Soul. Some of Mike’s musical influences are: James Taylor, Paul Rogers, Robert Plant, Roger Daltry & Dream Theater, just to name a few.



Michele: Backup Vocals, Tambourine & Cowbell

Michele adds in just the right amount of sugar and spice to Perfect
Tuesday. She adds a great vocal layer to the Perfect Tuesday sound.
She plays various percussion instruments, and when the prescription calls for 'more cowbell', nobody fills that prescription better! When not performing on stage, Michele works tirelessly behind the scenes as the Perfect Tuesday booking agent and photographer.