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Cape Canaveral Friday Fest 3-03-23Pineda Inn 2-25-23Earl's Hideaway 2-11-23Cricket 1-20-23
Tracy's Lounge 12-3-22Earl's Hideaway 11-19-22Crown Plaza 11-05-22Tracy's Lounge 10-22-22
Earl's Hideaway 9-30-22Crickets 9-23-22Off the Traxx 9-02-22Tracy's Lounge 8-26-22
Crickets 8-19-22Earl's Hideaway 8-13-22Crickets 7-15-22Tracy's 6-24-22
Crickets 6-17-22Burger Bacon Beer Fest 6-11-22Crowne Plaza 5-21-22Earl's Hideaway 5-14-22
South Beach - Food Truck Fest 5-6-22Pineapples 4-29-22Tracy's 4-16-22Cape Canaveral Friday Fest 4-01-22
Crickets 3-18-22Pineapples 3-12-22Earls Hideaway 2-26-22Cocoa Beach Fri Fest 2-18-22
Crickets 1-21-22Tracy's 1-15-22Tracy's Lounge 12-03-21Crickets 11-19-21
Seafood fest - Ft Pierce 11-7-21Tracy's Lounge 10-30-21Squid Lips 10-23-21Earls 10-09-21
Squid Lips 9-25-21Lou's Blues 9-10-21Lou's Blues 8-27-21Tracy's Lounge 8-13-21
Crickets 7-30-21Tracy's Lounge 7 16-21Lou's Blues 6-25-21Crickets 6-18-21
Tracy's Lounge 6-5-21Squidlips 5-15-21Crickets 5-7-21Earl's Hideaway 4-24-21
Tracy's 4-10-21Crickets 3-12-2021Tracy's lounge 3-13-20Cape Canaveral Friday Fest 3-6-2020
West Palm Beach Seafood Fest 3-1-2020Squid Lips 02-01-20Tracy's 1-18-20Tracy's Lounge 11-22-19
Earl's Hideaway 11-2-19City of Cape Cananveral 11-1-19Crickets 10-5-2019Tracy's 9-27-2019
Crickets 9-6-19Crickets 8-17-19Crickets 7-27-19Earl's 6-7-19
Tracys 4-20-19Monkey Bar 3-15-19Tracy's 3-9-19Crickets 2-16-19
Earl's 2-19-19Crickets 1-19-19Tracy's 12-8-18Tracy's 11-16-18
Earl's 11-3-18Crickets 10-27-18Grills 10-13-18Tracy's 10-5-18
Crickets 9-28Crickets 8-17-18Tracy's Lounge 8-3-18CRICKETS 7-20-18
Tracy's 6-29-18Earl's 6-16-18Tracy's 6-2-18Tracy's 5-5-18
Friday Fest 4-13-18Tracy's 4-6-18Crickets 3-10-18Malabar Mo's 2-16-18
Earls Hideaway 2-10-18Crickets 1-19-18Tracy's 1-05-18Earl's 12-15-17
Grills 12-2-17Earl's 11-17-17Grills 11-11-17Tracy's Lounge 10-07-17
Tracy's Lounge 8-04-17Grills 7-29-17Crickets - 7-14-17Grills 6-23-17
Earl's 6-09-17Grills 4-22-17Earl's 4-1-17Eric's Benefit 3-19-17
Grills -3-17-17Grills Port 2-25-17Earl's 2-17-17Crickets ~ 1-27-17
Tracy's Lounge 1-20-17Grills 1-13-17Earl's Hideaway 12-16-16Millikens Reef 12-10-16
Grills 11-25-16Millikens Reef 11-12-16Earl's 11-05-16Milliken's Reef - 10-22-16
Grills 10-08-16Crickets 10-01-16Crickets 9-09-16Crickets 8-19-16
Grills - Port 7-23-16Coconuts 7-16-16Monkey Bar 6-18-16Earl's 6-10-16
Cape Canaveral Fri fest 6-3-16Coconuts 5-22-16Melb Friday Fest 5-13-16Coconuts 4-23-16
Monkey Bar 4-16-16Earl's 4-01-16Grills -3-25-16Squid Lips 3-12-16
Coconuts 3-4-16Earl's 2-19-16Crickets 2-12-16Monkey Bar 2-6-16
Grills 1-22-16Crickets 1-08-16Crickets ~ 12-18-15Bunkeys Monkey Bar - 12-5-15
Milliken's Reef 11-13-15Friday Fest Cape Canaveral - 11-06-15Earl's 10-17-15Crickets 10-2-15
Coconuts 9-26-15Bunkys Monkey Bar - 8-22-15Crickets 8-7-15Coconuts 7-31-15
Crickets 7-24-15Friday fest 7-10-15Earl's 6-28-15Crickets 6-5-15
Crickets 5-16-15Tapps 5-08-15Earl's 5-01-15Wynfields 4-04-15
Adobe Gilas 3-13 & 14-2015Crickets 2-27-15Bunky's 2-20-15Adobe Gila's 1-30-15
Siggys 1-17-15Tapps Pub 1-9-15Coconuts ~ 12-20-14Siggy's 12-5-14
Melbourne Friday Fest 11-14-14Bunkys Monkey Bar 10-17-14Earls Hideaway 10-10-14Siggy's 10-04-14
Siggys 9-20-14Earls Hideaway 9-13-14Siggy's 8-22-14Grills ~ 8-08-14
Traxx 7-18-14Bunky's Money Bar 7-11-14Adobe Gila's 7-03-14Retro Room 6-14-14
Earl's Hideaway 6-06-14Grills ~ 5-23-14Grills 5-17-14Siggy's 5-2-14
Earl's Hideaway 4-19-14Bunkys Monkey bar 4-17-14Traxx 3-28-14Grills 4-25-14
Coconuts 3-7-14Sigfest Benefit 3-01-14Wynfields 2-28-14Traxx 2-21-14
Siggy's 2-08-14Earl's 2-01-14Traxx 1-17-14Siggy's 1-11-14
Skydive Sebastian 1-3-14Grills Port - 12-21-13Siggy's 12-13-13Wynfields 12-7-13
Grills Port 11-30-13Earl's Hideaway 11-15-13Fri. Fest - Cape Canaveral 11-1-13Siggy's 10-18-13
Melbourne St Party 10-11-13Traxx 9-20-13Traxx 8-17-13Siggy's 8-9-13
Grills~Melb 8-3-13Traxx 7-12-13John Burr Benefit 6-29-13Traxx 6-21-13
Siggys 6-14-13Grill Port 5-25-13Coconuts 5-18-13Siggy's 4-5-13
Grills Port 4-4-13Grills Melb 3-29-13Traxx - 3-22-13Coconuts 3-8-13
Retro Room 2-16-13Siggy's 2-8-13Traxx 2-1-13Siggy's 1-25-13
Traxx 1-4-13Siggy's 12-14-12Grills Melb 12-7-12Grills Port 11-30-12
Retro Room 11-24-12Grills Melb 11-3-12Traxx 10-19-12Grills ~ melb 10-5-12
Siggy's 9-22-12Traxx 9-9-12Grills Port ~ 9-1-12The Refuge 8-24-12
Good Times East 8-18-12Traxx 8.3.12Siggy's 7-20-12Traxx ~ 7-7-12
Traxx 5-25-12Siggy's - 5.19.12Friday Fest 5-11-12Coconuts 4-28-12
Bunky's Monkey Bar 4-14-12Earl's Hideaway 4-6-12Traxx 3-17-12Siggy's 3-16-12
Good times West 3-10-12Good Times West 2-25-12Grills ~ Port 2-11-12Off the Traxx ~ 1-27-12
Siggy's ~ 1-20-12Grills ~Port 1-13-12Grills ~ Melb 1-6-12Traxx 12-16-11
Grills ~ Port 12-3-11Grills ~ Melb 11-26-11Traxx 11-18-11Traxx ~ 10-22-11
Grills ~ Melb 10-14-11Traxx ~ 9-23-11Grills ~ Port 9-17-11Local Heros 9-10-11
Friday Fest 9-9-11Grills ~ Melb 9-4-11Grills ~ Melb 8-27-11Traxx 8-19-11
Siggy's 8-13-11Traxx 7.29.2011Lou's Blues 7.21.11Grills Riverside 7.15.11
Siggys 7.9.11Grills Riverside 6.25.11Grills - Port 6.18.11Coconuts 6.4.2011
Traxx 5.27.11Abby's Cove 5.21.11Grills - Port 5.14.11Grills ~ Riverside 5.06.11
Grills 4.22.11Traxx 4.15.11Siggy's 4.8.11Grills - Melb 4.2.11
Grills - Melbourne 3.18.11Grills - Port 3.12.11Off the Traxx 3.11.11Siggy's 2.12.11
Grills - Melb 2.4.11Traxx 1.22.11Crickets 1.14.11Grills - Melb - 1.7.11
Siggy's 12.17.10Traxx 12.4.10Joey V Benefit - Siggys 12-3-2010Wynfield's 11.27.10
City Limits 11.20.10Grills - Port 11.13.10Grills - Melbourne 10.29.10Off the Traxx 10.23.10
Earl's hideaway 10-22-10Siggy's 10-16-10Grills @ the Port 10.2.10Off the Traxx 9.18.10
Coconuts on the beach 9.10.10Grills - Riverside 9-5-2010Grills Riverside 8.27.10Siggys 8.21.10
Crickets 8.13.10Brevard Zoo 7-31-2010Wynfield's 6.26.10Siggy's 6.18.10
The Sandbar 6.12.10Broken Barrell 6-5-10Off the Traxx 6-4-10Grills - Melbourne 5-28-10
Sandbar 5-22-10Crickets 5-7-10Siggy's 4-23-10Earl's hideaway 4-17-2010
Wynfield's Sports Bar 4-3-10Palm Bay Fest 3-20-10Broken Barrel 3-19-10City Limits 3-14-10
Siggy's 2-19-10Wynfield's Sports Bar 2-13-10Broken Barrel 1-23-10Sandbar 12-11-09
Crickets 12-05-2009Johanna & Mick X-mas party 12-5-09Crickets 11-20-09Wynfield's 11.7.09
Broken Barrel 10-23-09Siggy's 10.2.09Siggy's Benefit 2009-08-09Mr Tonys 7-25-09
Malabar Mo's 5.24.09O'Shucks 5.23.09Crickets 5.08.09The Sandbar 4.18.09
Rick and Ambers Party 2009-10-04Crickets 1-29-09Shady Oaks 1-16-09Jam Party 607
Strawberry Fest 307